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    A year and a half ago this was the very first snuff I tried, because it was the only one I could find locally, and although it was a terror for the newbie I have come to adore it for its solid nic hit and approachable smoky aroma. The newbie snuff problems, all of 'em, disappeared once I adopted the dab & swipe method and even the driest finest powdery snuff has been tamed utterly.

    For some reason I keep going back to the Garrett even though I have a nice variety from which to choose. In fact it probably represents eighty percent of my usage, or better, which has increased rather a lot since I became snus poor. S'ok 'cuz I lurve this snuff. It just grows and grows on me. Must be something uniquely peculiar about my olfactory apparatus that makes it appeal so much. And with the dab & swipe method there are no sneezies, runnies, coughies, or burnies plus a couple healthy dabs is a righteously fearsome nic hit. There may also be a bit of cognitive dissonance involved because Garrett is still the only snuff available locally so running out is a negligible worry.

    The can is crap though. No biggie--I just decant it into an old plastic Grov can and bother not about it drying out because the stuff is already dryer than the Sahara. The aroma appears not to fade at all which is one gripe I have about Toque product. Six-seven bucks for a 30 gram can is one helluva cost effective deal too. Even if I doubled my already heavy usage I doubt I could plow through a can in two months.

    I have no doubt that other American scotches would suit just as well although the only other one I've tried, via a sample provided by a generous forumista, is Tube Rose which is also a quite lovely marching powder. Perhaps unsurprisingly my other fave is High Dry Toast which I rotate in on occasion for a nice changeup.

    I am aware that most American scotches were originally formulated as dipping snuffs and not nasal types but the dab & swipe method can I believe convert them into exemplars of the snoot toot on a par with any of the hoity toit Continentals. All in all I cannot recommend plain Garrett Scotch nearly enough.

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    It's my favorite scotch. All the notes are just right. Nice smoke, not too harsh, and none of the oakyness some scotches have. I like the tins also. Yea, they're crappy from a usability perspective, but I like the old school style.


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      Thanks for a great tip!

      I went back in the forum and found the instructions for dab-and-swipe just now and shoved a pinky full of WE Garret up each nostril. Perfect!!!

      I have what looks like a lifetime supply of Red Seal (the tumbler), along with a couple small tins of WE Garret and some Indian snuff that were just too hard to use. No matter how lightly I sniffed, I would end up irritating my throat and lungs if I had more than a couple of toots per day, so I got tired of the hassle and just left the stuff sitting in the cupboard. With this technique I think I'll be snuffing more often.


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        I like garrett scotch. Great you can buy it locally. You guys ever try rooster? I think it kicks garretts ass. I only have a small vile sampler a guy from snuffhouse sent me.


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          Oh about that dab and swipe deal I never tried it. I pinch everything even d white lol.


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            I'd try Rooster if I could get it locally. It's supposed to be one of the strongest out there and ought to be quite tameable by the D&S method. I'm getting to be a real missionary about D&S. It flattens the snuff learning curve enormously unless, as one felllow commented on the forum, one's finger is too big for his schnozola. If your pinky can negotiate the snoot route then there are no downsides that I can see.


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              Nice review Darwin!

              I have quite a few Americans in my rotation but somehow I have yet to try Garrett. I'll have to give it a go after reading your review.

              In the meantime, my absolute favorite plain Scotch is Tops. I find it to be more complex (or layered) than the other Scotches I have tried and very well balanced. LX this might be one you would really like if you have not tried it already.

              Anyway, this is the Garrett review thread and not the Tops review back to our regularly scheduled program
              When it's my time to go, I want to die peacefully in my sleep, like my uncle did....... Not screaming in terror like his passengers


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                Ha, I grabbed my garrett tin outta the closet. I was terrible as I kept it in its original tin with no other storage effort. It still smells the same! Ha.. I bet this stuff could survive a zombie apocalypse


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                  I've heard it stores well...we'll see..I have 2 pre-1970's jars, I may just have to break the seal on one of them.


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                    Originally posted by desirexe
                    I've heard it stores well...we'll see..I have 2 pre-1970's jars, I may just have to break the seal on one of them.
                    Wow where did you get them from? I'd love to try a pinch just to see if it is any different from the current WE...