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Adding Peppermint flavor to snus

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  • Adding Peppermint flavor to snus

    So I ordered my usual favorite Metropol Peppermint from Buysnus the other day when they happily informed me that it was no longer available. So long story short - I've got a roll of Lucky Strike white portion.
    I would like to add the flavor of peppermint to this.
    Does anyone know how to go about it? Anyone tried it?

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    Hm, I suppose you could just ad a drop or two of a natural peppermint oil to each portion -- it shouldn't be so hard to get your hands on. I imagine that it would do just fine.

    I havn't experimented with adding flavors/aromas myself but I know that several fine people on this board have had good luck with different types of alcohol :wink:


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      A drop of peppermint oil would be way too much flavour for a one-gram portion. You'd be best to use something like a peppermint extract, which is like a tincture of peppermint rather than the concentrated oil. I would think it would absorb better into the portion and give a much nicer flavour. You may even want to dilute the extract further until you get the strength tasting right.


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        ^ Yes, that's probably a much better idea. Forget the oil-thingy.