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  • Timber Wolf Longcut Natural

    OK, I have here an unopened can of Timber Wolf Longcut Natural. That's how they spell it.
    One of, if not, my fave dips, is Copenhagen Original Long Cut, as such, this is what I will naturally compare any natural dip with. I have never had this Timber Wolf LCN, so let's try it...

    I am now opening it up.... This is made by Pinkerton, owned by Swedish Match. Comes in a plastic can with stickers on it. OK, after my super weak effort at packing the can, I am now opening it and let's see it... eh, standard looking moist snuff, the smell?... kinda good, but kinda not... I'll throw some in now...

    Nothing, to me, beats the original taste of Copenhagen, and this does not as well....
    Salty... I want the flavor to become more apparant before I say anything... the cut is ok, seems to pack ok...
    So far, it's not bad. My spit can smells like the Skoal Crisp Blend, and I get that whiff whenever I spit...

    I don't know what they use in Copen to get that burst of really good taste, but that's what is missing here.
    Overall, this is bleh, eh... it's not bad, but it's not good either. It's ok at best, salty tobacco. I don't feel an urge to spit it out, but it's not one I can reccomend either.... yes, that's what this reminds me of, and being it's made by the same company, this to me, is like a longcut version of Red Man Natural Finecut. That's what this tastes like to me. I've tried Red Man Natural a couple of time, but it always ended up in the trash, not that the taste was bad, but, try as I have, many times, I just can't enjoy a fine cut dip, unless I stick it right in front, and not there even because I don't like it there. I like dip long cut on the side.

    OK, so overall... it's OK. To me. It's not good, it's not bad, just eh. It's alright.
    So, if anyone wants to try this, go ahead, it's OK, but it's not really good, to me. Like I said, this tastes just like Red Man Natural, in a longcut.

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    Your description is kinda how I remember it with not being anything too spectacular but not bad either. I kinda would like to revisit a number of Timber Wolfs, especially this one.

    I was just into their site and they have re-designed the brand and are using some sort of new cans.


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      As a follow up to my review:
      I just finished this can. It's Wednesday night at 10:30pm, and I had a desire for some dip, and I had just enough for a smallish, but decent amount left, so I put it in.
      This dip is not bad. But, it's not good either, well, it's OK. It's very non-offensive, on the bland side, tasting, to me, like salty tobacco.
      It was easy to use, and if someone gave me free cans, I'd use them. Maybe, I might buy again, I do like this more than Grizzly Natural Longcut, which I seemed to have liked the first time I had it, but then later I bought 2 cans of it and hated it, only using maybe half of one can.
      This is not near as good as Copenhagen Original Longcut though, of course Timber Wolf is a cheaper brand.
      I'm really not a flavored fan, and I reached for this can more than the Skoal X-tra Crisp Blend, which is good, but as I said, I prefer a non flavored dip.
      Overall, I feel now, the same as I did when I first reviewed this. It's OK.
      I need to buy another can of Grizzly 1900, as I have had that before, but it's been a while, so I want to revisit it.
      I thought I was quitting dip. I can't seem to shake this dragon, guess it's time for killthecan...