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Cigars Manliness rating = 5.0

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  • Cigars Manliness rating = 5.0

    Manliness rating = 5.0

    Bill Clinton, the 42nd
    President of the United States

    Cigars are not the preferred way to smoke tobacco, but they are far more acceptable than cigarettes. I feel no shame in admitting to smoke an occasional cigar. With cigars, the tobacco smoke is not inhaled, but simply puffed into the mouth, so the precious nicotine is absorbed into the mouth tissue.

    The major downside to cigars is that they are phallus-shaped, and make you look like you've got a big brown cock in your mouth.

    Second-hand cigar smoke is fairly noxious, and the high cost of quality cigars is cost-prohibitive to many people. There are very manly men that use cigars that you may admire (i.e. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Clint Eastwood). However, cigars are also the preferred tobacco product of men of questionable character: politicians and golfers, for example (Figure 3). Nevertheless, it is quite possible to enjoy cigars and keep your manliness (and your health) intact.

    All this according to Dr. Harlan K. Upmann:
    Manly Tobacco Use: Swedish Snus, Chewing Tobacco, Pipe Tobacco, Nasal Snuff...

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    Regular cigar smoking is dangerous..

    I like the ocassional cigar (would go a christmas/birthday/easter) and all the other big holidays without one.

    Josel Piedra and Cohiba are my favorites.


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      I've had this ( once and felt ****ing sick from it.


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        Excuse me for asking, precious, but why is there a
        ****ing squirrel running around in your signature?


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          Originally posted by snusgetter View Post
          Excuse me for asking, precious, but why is there a
          ****ing squirrel running around in your signature?
          Wants to grab some of that Compehangen but definitelly gets scared of it =))


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            Originally posted by precious007 View Post
            Wants to grab some of that Compehangen but definitelly get scared of it =))

            Okay... thought for a minute there that he lost his nuts
            [a good enough reason to run around like a maniac!!]


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              It's quite funny. LoL the squirrel dipping Cope

              Hmmm ... this idea came in my mind. I think Copenhagen should make an walnut version I would love the taste.

              BTW I made my order of cope like 20 days ago and still didn't get it from the U.S. Did anyone in Europe experience this?


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                I think hickory might taste kind of like that, but don't know. Straight, natural, and wintergreen are the only decent dip flavors. Some people like mint although most don't and everything else is pretty nasty.


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                  Hickory ?

                  Never tried hickory, not even as a spice.


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                    lol.. I love how they say that Bill Clinton is questionable... Like he's a homo.

                    Cigar's are good on an occasional basis, but not very often.


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                      I love cigars. I smoke them well used to a good bit. I know a good deal about cigars so if anyone has any questions let me know. Also not sure if you are aware but copenhagen is the or one of the strongest american dips. Just incase you didnt know. I let my roomate try some one day who was a cigarette smoker and he almost died. very funny. Cigars on occasion or every so often are not bad. Some say it is good because they make you extremely relaxed and they have antioxidants in them like drinking a glass of red wine a night. Just have to know how often to puff and how to smoke properly.


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                        I would much rather be a in room full of that blue hazy marlboro gas chamber smoke over cigars.
                        Pipe smoke is even better with the sweetness but what is it with cigars that they can kill all the flies in the room from the stench??
                        Not knocking the habit because I do enjoy one once every two years but the smell has always kept me at distance


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                          It is deffinately a smell you have to love. Some enjoy it some dont. If i am at a tailgate for a football game and i smell a cigar it automatically makes me want one. I love the smell of cigars, cigarette smoke to me stinks. Cigar smoke to me has an incredible smell in that all cigars are different and the smell of cigarettes are all similar to me.


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                            Never was into smoking cigarettes but i'll smoke me a quality cigar any day of the week.


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                              I am the same way ^^