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  • Djarum Special

    I bought a pack of these today. Djarum Special, 12 Filtered Clove Cigars.

    These are rather nice. I think I liked these more than the Black, but those are very good too. These both are very similar to the earlier cigarette version, but it is a little different, with different wrapper paper, and the filling has a more mini-cigar/cigarillo aspect to it.

    Has a nice sweetish clove aroma. A nice blending of tobacco and clove. Nice simple packaging, red and white, with the Djarum logo. If you like clove, you should like this.

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    A work colleague of mine smokes Djarum Blacks. I never cared to smoke clove cigarettes myself, but the aroma of the Djarums is very nice. Not like Kreteks, which are like getting beaten over the head with a big bag of cloves.