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Thread: Newbie section - welcome.

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    Newbie section - welcome.

    Wow, so looks like this is finally getting set up.

    I need to talk with ice about some things, but hope to work on moving some appropriate threads into here over the next week. Some of the most common questions will probably be stickied for easy access, but I know myself and at least one other mod are not huge fans of stickies, too many and they clutter up a forum

    But at least in my conception for what this section should be, a safe place for new folks to ask every and any question they might have about snus. Please, please, don't feel shy about asking your questions. I won't speak for anyone else but I NEVER mind answering newbie questions. Why I have so many posts because I have been happily and eagerly answering questions for two years now.

    So you are unsure of this new thing called snus, need a bit of direction, or are just curious, ask away. Myself and others will always be here to help you with every step you take.

    What makes Snuson so remarkable and strong is how many new folks have come and joined over the years. Snuson is different than many other forums you may have participated in in just how much we welcome and treasure new folks. ALL of us were new at one point, we all remember what it was like. And just want to help the next generation learn what we did. And what has always been most gratifying to me, is seeing folks I remember as new 3 months ago, 6 months ago, a year ago, now being the first one to jump in and answer that next newbies question. So make yourself comfortable here, and enjoy the ride.

    So enough for now, as this section develops, I will post more

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    Yes sage you are very right.
    I joined SnusOn on the the same day i started snusing, and it just feels ike i've been here forever.

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    My pleasure. And we are lucky to have you Paul.

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    I swear this is the nicest and most helpful group of people I have ever encountered. Its nice to know that there is still good nice people out there..

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    Quote Originally Posted by jstone138
    I swear this is the nicest and most helpful group of people I have ever encountered. Its nice to know that there is still good nice people out there..

    .......not all of us are nice Dear Grace. :wink: :twisted: 8)

    Welcome to all the new snusers that magically appear at SnusOn. ENJOY!! Ya'll be sure to post your photo at the link below..... especially the gals
    I lost my change deep in the couch

    Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to hide the bodies of the people I killed because they were annoying......

    I've been wrong lots of times. Lots of times I've thought I was wrong only to find out that I was right in the beginning.

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    Howdy all!!! I've tried the American snus and am so tired of smoking. The American snus just doesn't do it for me anymore and I keep thinking of ordering some Swedish Snus as I hear it is much stronger and of higher quality than the stuff here. Anyone have any good recommendations for a snus that is good for my Camel filter wide addiction? I was thinking I would like the fruit flavors a lot as I like shisha tobacco.

    I plan on ordering tomorrow. Any idea of the best site to order from as well. I've been on but thats about it.

    Nice to meet everyone!!!

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    Hi, and welcome.
    Swedish snus can be an aquired taste so give it time to settle in.
    I personally prefer a non "flavored" snus, but I'd say pick a few of different type that seem appealing to you. Everyone has different tastes.

    If you are a heavy smoker wanting to quit, it's often recommended to get some Stark(strong) types. But I'd get maybe 1 can of strong, 4 cans of a variety, Grov, Ettan, then there are some flavored types too. There is also white portion, and regular. Both have their fans.

    The Swedish sellers are all great from what I hear, shipping is a bit longer, and I'd guess postage might be more. A very popular site in America is clubsnus, and a long going good American site also is getsnus.

    My advice is to order from an American site, and order about 5 cans of different kinds.

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    Thanks Tom for the advice!!! My order is on its way from GetSnus and I am so excited!!!

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    darlingnikki25, welcome to Snuson

    Getsnus, Clubsnus, and Northerner's US warehouse are all the quickest way to get snus. But be aware that Getsnus does NOT come close to carrying everything, Clubsnus is fantastic, but brand new and still adding stuff to it's inventory. And even Northerner doesn't carry everything in it's US warehouse.

    Long run, to try everything, you need to order from Sweden. Non issue, just takes a few days more, been doing it for over 3 years now.

    As for recommendations, just start anywhere. But.....

    Almost every new person to snus seems to think that they will just prefer flavored snus to non flavpred snus. But funny thing, that usually turns out not to be the case, and at least 90% of them will eventually figure that out.

    So next order, make sure you get some non flavored snus to try as well.

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    Oh, I did forget to mention, and if you are totally new, you may not know this, there is the portion snus, in little pouches, and there is loose snus, which is just loose tobacco in a can. The loose snus has a sorta playdough like consistency, and a bit of it is hand molded, or with a portion tool, to a shape, and then inserted in the upper lip. This should be something to try as well at some time, many only use this type.

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    Thank you all for the warm welcome!! I did some research and figured that I may not be ready for the loose snus and wanted something more like the Camel Snus. I remember that the Camel snus, if fresh, was moist in the little pouch and could easily be molded within the packet. As time went on and the local gas station were not selling as much as I'm sure they might have expected, the snus was getting dry and old. I remember that the "regular" Camel flavor was sort of spicy, like a chai tea latte, but far too sweet. This is what I ordered, and I think its a decent selection to test.

    Discreet Emerald Ice Portion
    Thunder Berry Blend Portion
    General Onyx White Portion
    Skruf Stark Portion
    Discreet Full Flavor Portion
    GetSnus Mystery Can FREE

    If this order goes as smoothly as I hope, I will try much more from the site and then move onto ordering from Sweden. I'd like to keep it local as much as I can as far as the shipping costs and waiting time are concerned. I'm about 30 miles from the PA border, so I'm sure my shipping won't take long. I'm so glad there is a local company selling it with such great shipping prices. It almost makes me want to start a similar business when I move to Richmond VA this summer...but i don't want to compete with an already good business.

    I've read so many good stories about people quitting smoking and how the Swedish equivalent to the FDA regulates snus. I think its fantastic. Most people don't understand that nicotine is natural and so is tobacco and the pasteurization process is so much safer than the way cigarettes are made. In fact, the process of burning the cigarette and all the additives are what kills people, not the tobacco nicotine. Most of my friends consider Snus a gimmick. I like it and I hope it will help me quit smoking after 10 years of it.

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    Well, it's a gimmick for over 200 years. Yes, it's a bit "new" in America, and may take some time to be really known, but it has grown a lot. I keep waiting for an American brand to make a "real" snus.

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    Yup, and you clearly have already done some reading, know what you are heading into, you will be just fine.

    Just know, the quitting smoking is a process. Just don't stress it. Smoke if you want, use snus if you want, in the end, the snus always wins. But I took a full 4 months making that transition.

    Your first order looks fine. The Discreet is wonderful, I love it, but very different from Swedish snus. Made the same way, but very sweet. But the rest of the order looks like a good first start. You have all the time in the world to try everything. And make it your point to.

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    I love the Thunder Berry strong, the wintergreen (free can I got), the discreet ice and the Onyx is growing on me....but the Skruf is not good at all nor is the original Discreet. I'm a sissy, I like the flavored snus.

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    darlingnikki25, I have been using for 3+ years and think all Skruff is disgusting. And if you are talking about the Full Flavor Discreet... That is the most disgusting snus ever made and I have already called my good friend Tom out for making such a horrible tasting snus,

    Just be prepared for your tastes to change. Seems almost all new users start out using mostly flavored. But within 6months, 90% of them will come to find they are liking non flavored more and more.

    For over 2 years, I always alternated each day between a flavored and non flavored snus. At about 2.5 years of use, almost overnight, I started only wanting the non flavored. And that change was really sudden. Has stayed that way now for the last 8 months.

    Next year?? Ask me then. :lol:

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    Hi there!

    I am an avid Copenhagen user, but wanted to try something different. So, I ordered some loose snus from It certainly is an aquired taste! My overall impression of the taste of snus is "tea leaf". But, I think I might be aquiring the taste as it seemed to get better as I tried my vaious brands. I ordered General, Goteborg's Prima Fint, Skruf, GrovSnus & Ettan. After trying all of them, my order of preference is Skruf, GrovSnus, Ettan, General & a very distant fifth, Goteborg's Prima Fint (it is neither "prime", nor "fine", imo.) This probably isn't something I will buy often. But, I've always been one to try new things as a change-up from Copenhagen, so I would definitely be willing to purchase some more Skruf/Grov and may try some other brands/flavors. But, I still love my Cope!

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    Welcome to SnusOn copenhusker13!

    We have many members who are dippers. I think that you might find this thread helpful:

    It will probably take a week or two for you to really be able to "taste" the snus...once you get past the salt. Swedish snus are much different than dips.

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    Welcome to Snuson copenhusker13

    Sure, you say that today, but just wait. This forum is filled with so many folks who used to use such as Cope. And they ALL came to fall head over heals with snus. So don't resist, resistance is futile. :lol: :lol: :lol:

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    isn't that a Prince song -25? Man, I'm dating myself.

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