After getting robbed by Canada customs one too many times, I decided to start making my own. I started with squeezyjohn's recipe from this forum, and soon started experimenting and note taking.

Now, a year later I'm getting pretty good at it! I grew my own tobacco this year and had a decent harvest. The snus is the best i've made, and the couple of snusers I know say it's legit. Every bit as good as commercial varieties.

My question is, I know the taxes and duties within Canada are aweful, but what about for export? Could someone produce a small batch snus in Canada and send it to Sweden, or would I need some super expensive license? Would it be taxed to death leaving Canada?

Lastly, would the novelty of a canadian made snus be interesting to Swedish customers?

I'm pretty into this. Seems like a waste to just make it for myself and a few friends.

Thanks for any info