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Thread: First time using snus - I think I'm a convert!

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    First time using snus - I think I'm a convert!

    Just wanted to say, I got my first shipment of snus from The Northerner (thanks, guys.. great service as always, fast, efficient and always right!) and my first impressions are I really like it!

    I've been dipping and chewing American for a few months.. Copenhagen, Redman, Stoker's, Levi etc. I had actually moved onto pouches, I know it isn't the general consensus amongst dip users but I preferred the pouches to the loose.. I hadn't tried snus for some reason. I never heard much about it and didn't really think it would be for me. But I just got Jakobsson's Melon Strong to give it a whirl.. this is some great stuff!

    I like the flavour much more.. it seems way.. I dunno the word but maybe cleaner than dip. Not as dark or burnt. Probably in the way it's produced. I think I read dip is generally fired/charred and snus is pasteurised and/or air-cured some way? I really dunno, open to correction. I also get much more of an effect from it. I dunno if it's the fact I haven't used my top lip before.. so "new territory" for the tobacco.. but I'm definitely getting a nicer feeling from this than I was from dip. I do still spit a little when using it though.. probably from being used to the dip.. just seems atural for me to do so, force of habit. Maybe that will quit in time.

    Yeah, that's basically it.. just wanted to add, I think I'm a convert to snus. I can see me using snus pretty much exclusively instead of American dip and chew!

    By the way, I was wondering can anyone give me some good suggestions for good snus to buy? You know like Cope is seen as the benchmark for dip.. is there a similar equivalent for snus? Any nice brands or varieties I should buy?

    Thanks, folks. Hope you all have a great weekend!
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    After trying 55 different Snus, here is my go to list on what "I Like"

    G.3 Super Slim Mint Strong White (9.9mg per portion) (YES) Very Small
    General White Mint (8mg per portion) (YES) * (good in the morning)
    Grov - Original (8.5mg per portion) (YES) (Just a mild tobacco flavor)
    Jakobsson's Mint Strong (14mg per portion) (YES but Strong) (good on stressful days)
    Jakobsson's Melon Strong Slim White Dry (9.1mg per portion) (YES) * (good in the afternoon)
    Jakobsson's Melon Strong (14mg per portion) (YES but Strong)* (good in the evening with a beer)
    Nick & Johnny Americana Xtra Strong (15.4mg per portion) (YES but Strong) * (good in the evening with a beer)
    Olde Ving Fudge (8.1mg per portion) (OK) (YES) (Good after breakfast, add Lotte Latte for more flavor)
    Olde Ving 99 Coffee (8.1mg per portion) (OK) (YES)* (Good after breakfast, add Lotte Latte for more flavor)
    Thunder Sweet Mint Slim White Dry (11.2mg per portion) (YES) (taste a lot like General Mint)
    Thunder Ultra Strong Raspberry (19.8mg per portion) (YES but Strong) (good in the evening with a beer)

    Everyone has different tastes, so take my list with a grain of salt.

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    In my opinion, Siberia Brown is the best snus by a very big margin. It's mint flavoured but is unlike any other mint snus... It has more of a spicy, natural mint flavour as opposed to the spearmint taste that white portions have. It's very moist so you might be a fan if you're an ex-dipper.

    I haven't found any other snus that tastes quite like Siberia Brown. It's extremely strong with a nicotine content of around 40mg per gram, so it could be a little strong for some people, but whatever your preference I highly recommend you pick up a can and give it a try. There's literally nothing else like it. (As far as I know anyway, if anybody knows something similar then please let me know!)

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    Thanks so much Burnie and TSNA!

    I really appreciate all the suggestions you gave Burnie! Saves me the hassle of trying all them! I can pick out which ones you have listed! I tried that Jakobsson's Melon and I really like it. I'm keen to try some kinda coffee and vanilla type snus. That kinda thing appeals to me very much. (The Old Ving Fudge sounds great) Oh and TSNA I will try out that Siberia Brown for sure. I was looking at Siberia but not sure which ones to get first.. I don't mind the high content. I moved to snus hoping to get a bigger "kick" and even with Jakobsson's I definitely did.. at least when I started using it. I'm not sure how it compares to Siberia.

    I have a feeling I would like these white pouches. I gather they are less wet.. I think they would probably feel "cleaner" to me if that is the right word. I ordered some from a snus site.. can't remember the name. Swedish Tobacco or something. It seems like they have a good selection of snus and good reviews.

    I'm having issues ordering from the Northerner recently. Unfortunately I can't place orders anymore, I think it may be some kind of glitch. I think the Northerner mainly deals with dip and chew anyways, I think there is more snus on there but only available to certain countries. Are there any other good sites that offer international postage?

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    Not sure where you are, but I have ordered from these three.

    I wait until I see a good sale, then order a bunch. Haven't made a purchase since January, and still have an assortment in the freezer (vacuum sealed) of over 9 rolls. When I see a good sale again, even if I don't need it, I will add to my current stock. Also pay attention to the shipping, if you are ordering say 30 cans, keep increasing the quantity up until the shipping changes, then back down 1 can, you might can get 37 cans for the same shipping as 30 cans. Shipping plays a big role in the overall cost.


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