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Thread: Anyone whos making their own loose or portion snus ?

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    Anyone whos making their own loose or portion snus ?

    I have making my own loose snus now for over 5 years, and is curious if any of you does the same ?

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    Hi, Southener from South Africa. Just bought my first batch of tobacco seeds, so hopefully will be rolling my own soon. Can't wait for the delivery. Will hopefully be picking your brain, and other members brains soon. No one else making their own?

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    There is a gent from England who makes his own.........Squeezy john? There are a few threads here about it

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    I know this thread is old, but I've been making my own for a year. Just tried the first of my homegrown snus and it's my best yet. Bragging all over these forums. Squeezyjohn's recipe is a great starting point. Even my first batch turned out great. Give it a go! Happy to share pointers.

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