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Thread: Delivery into the UK - i'm new to snus - sorry if this post is in the wrong place.

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    Delivery into the UK - i'm new to snus - sorry if this post is in the wrong place.

    New here so I may be posting in the wrong area,
    I have made my first order with Northerner and I was wondering if there is anyone here in the UK that has ordered from Northerners US warehouse,
    I have made the mistake of ordering £45 worth in one batch and I have now found out that I may be charged customs excise charges,
    My order weighs 606g so I think I will be charged around £70 in charges,
    Is there anyone from the UK that can confirm I will be charged this amount?

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    I bet that's a vendor question, I'd ask Northerner.
    Just my e cents.
    I wish someone would boast about northeners US warehouse for US shipping..
    .I'm afraid they'll screw me again.
    Long time but, they botched up a order with me.
    Never tried them again

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    I wouldn't worry shouldn't be charged anything as snus isn't taxable, if you do have to pay it might be customs clearance fees and maybe a postal force handling fee unless it's coming by ups then you should be good.

    Though it has been a few years since I made an order from outside the eu

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    Thanks for your reply psychic, I thought snus classes as a chewing tobacco?
    I read chewing tobacco has an excise duty of around £2.80 per 25g
    I might be wrong, I have orders of cope and stokers these are dips?
    I get confused on what to call these are they all snus's?
    thanks again
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    Thanks for your reply Tattooer, I will try and get in touch,
    did you ask Northerner to sort this out?
    I read they are good correcting mistakes but it would be nice to hear from someone who's had a problem.

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    Snus isn't chewing tobacco technically plus it's not allowed to be sold in the EU. But however if you have dip and chew on your order they could either be charged or I've heard of some even being destroyed. Never ordered it before so uncertain. Snus is a lot safer then dip so if that comes through ok you should be a happy snuser. Hopefully you won't get any trouble at all and it will all come through ok.

    Anyway even if they did charge you an extortionate amount you could always ignore the letter and it will be destroyed. If they charged me double or more of what I originally paid that's what I would do. Best to cut your losses at that point in my opinion.

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    I will just let them destroy it then order it again in smaller batches
    Thanks for your help.


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