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  • Review: Kurbits Morgondagg White Portion

    Review: Kurbits Morgondagg White Portion

    From Kurbitssnus here we have Kurbits Morgondagg White Portion.

    Looking at the can it is quite eye catching. The can itself is purple in colour and the
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  • Kurbits Morgondagg

    Kurbits Morgondagg

    There is nothing quite as wonderful as the welcoming feeling of a summer morning when the warming rays of the sun meet the chilly night air. A time of the day when the green grass is covered in dew, when the birds start to sing and when the temperature is delightfully pleasant. A feeling that Kurbits Morgondagg captures brilliantly with its nuanced and slightly cool flavor.

    Kurbits Morgondagg delivers strong nicotine kicks (12.5 mg/portion) and it has a mild tobacco character that is topped with clear hints of viola and delicious tones of licorice. A tasty flavor combination that leaves a nice cooling sensation ...
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  • Kurbits Morgondagg Slim

    Kurbits Morgondagg Slim

    Kurbits Morgondagg Slim’s flavor paints a picture of a beautiful Swedish summer morning. The sun has just risen above the horizon and it's warming rays start to chase the chilled night air away, the grass is glistening with dew and the birds greet the day with their chirps and songs. A wonderfully cozy picture and feeling that these discreet snus portions capture in a brilliant way.

    Kurbits Morgondagg Slim delivers a nuanced and fresh flavor of mild tobacco topped with lovely tones of viola and delicious hints of licorice. This burst of flavor is closely followed by a strong nicotine kick (10 mg/portion). Its white and slim portions ...
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