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“You Don't Know Nicotine” - Documentary Film

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  • “You Don't Know Nicotine” - Documentary Film

    Join us on a wild journey around the world to discover the eye-opening truth about nicotine.

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    Movie Director Aaron Bibert (US) says there is going to be a lot on #snus in this follow up movie to globally awarded A Billion Lives!
    Quote from Bengt Wiberg.


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      Great find brother! This sounds like it is going to be an amazing film that might just get the tied of popular opinion swung over to harm reduction.

      It also might loosen up some of the restrictions on snus in the EU and it would be great to be able to order a can or two again just to try out something new. It would also be great to see new flavors and new start ups entering the market.

      I know we are way off from that......but ain't it nice to dream
      When it's my time to go, I want to die peacefully in my sleep, like my uncle did....... Not screaming in terror like his passengers