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    Wish there was a los version of this...


      General Extra Sterk Los, is as close as you'll get to Onyx Los.


        You know, I wanted a los version of this in the past and after finally being able to secure more of this for the first time in a while I think that a los version of this would not come close to flavor.

        I have had the los version and portion versions of General Original, Granit, General Extra Sterk, and Ettan just off the top of my head. In contrast the los versions tasted nothing like the portion versions.

        I know tastes vary, but I found the los versions to be more complex and subtle whereas the portions were in your face and straight forward, and on some occasions (cough Ettan cough) tasted nowhere near the same. Ettan los is amazing, the portions though, to me, tasted like chocolate pudding. I hated their portions but the los was awesome.

        I think Onyx is one that I am happy experiencing the portion only version. The los would either be too strong or too weak. But that is just my personal opinion, and I love los snus.

        I will add this though. If Swedish Match wanted to test it out I say release a Kardus Onyx. I think that would be an appropriate release. Onyx is already considered a "high-end" portion snus and Kardus is definitely high end so I think that would work out good.
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          Kardus Onyx is an intriguing idea.....I give it a try

          But just for everyday normal use.........I always felt General ES was the los version of Onyx........and like other Los/portion comparisons..........the relation is close but not an exact match
          When it's my time to go, I want to die peacefully in my sleep, like my uncle did....... Not screaming in terror like his passengers


            Chock this up to changing and developing taste buds..........I have used Onyx occasionally for two years, maybe 20 tins. I always thought it was OK, perfect amount of vitamin N, but not worthy of the praise it receives. I recently found a last tin hiding in the back of the freezer and have been enjoying it as much as any other of favorites this week, just like a light was switched on. I will be ordering more......


              Outside of work it's all I use and all I want to use. The last order was disappointing as they were dry and I've had to add moisture to each can when I take it out of the freezer, but that's not the fault of General, I assume. I've made another order, so I'm hoping they're fine. If Pioneer was still available, I'd definitely be using that on occasion. Otherwise, I have a can of los in the frig which usually takes me two months to get through. I've yet to find anything that compares to Onyx...the flavor, the feel of it, the right nicotine amount. It's perfection.


                I really like onyx. I am not a general fan most of the time, though I do like the extra strong.. The onyx is just different, it seems stronger yet smoother.. Not sure how to describe it but I make sure to order a couple of cans each time I re stock.