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  • Göteborgs Rapé Lime

    You guys try this yet? Pretty sure it came out like a week ago. Found out yesterday but I'd just bought a can of Granit Special (I like flavored snus) so I snused em all up as quick as I could and ran off to the store half an hour ago, returned with this can of Göteborgs Rapé Lime. It costed as much as the nr.2 and white portion cans do, I also noticed nr.2 is just called Göteborgs Rapé Lingon now and the new one's called Göteborgs Rapé Lime.

    Anyway let me tell you about this new stuff. The portions smell real good. Smell just like lime, nothing more nothing less so you kind of get what you expected. Now, if you're a fan of Göteborgs Rapé like I am you probably were thinking what I thought ''holy shit lime is the perfect taste to mix in with rapé's fresh, woodsy tobacco flavour'' and well let me tell you that's the truth! At first I thought this snus tasted almost too much lime, almost minty like toothpaste but as soon as it started running and the tobacco was mixing up nicely with the lime flavour, this snus is a perfect mixture of good ole rapé and fresh, sour/sweet lime taste.

    It doesn't even taste like candy or almost-chemical like the lingon one, this one just tastes great. Göteborgs Rapé standard white portion is pretty sour and ''bright'' tasting and the lime taste just adds to it. Kinda feels like it brings out the full potential of the snus.
    Sorry if anyone thought this review was crap, it's my first one. I was just blown away by this snus I had to spread the word. The can is pretty slick, too. They did the same thing with the Lingon one when this was released, added a red wavy line-thingy to the can and this one has green on it as you can see. Looks good, tastes good!

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    nope,welcome to snuson! :^)

    I'm waiting for my oden's Lyme though


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      Thank you! I haven't even tried Oden stuff yet! I'm fairly new to snus actually only think I've tried GR, General, Kronan, LM (blech) and Granit.
      This lime taste concept is sure to catch on, it's just a great idea!


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        Göteborgs Rapé Lingon is my favorite by far! When I place my next order I planned on ordering this to try it.


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          You should! I like Lingon aswell but this one imo tastes more ''real'' lime while lingon tastes ''artificial'' in a candy way to me but you might feel a different way either way this is one you gotta try if you love GR!


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            I really like this flavor. In fact, as of right now, I'll place it in my top 3 (even though I have not sampled many). It's a good lime flavor. Not artificial, but what one would taste in say a fresh magaretta, especially given the salt comes through on this one pretty nice. Description says lime and lavender flavor, though i'm not sure I taste lavender, there are certainly floral undertones. A+ in my book.


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              Several years I made a trade on The Snus And Other Tobacco Exchange and got a can or two of Göteborgs Rapé Lime. I liked it so much I ended up buying two rolls.

              Unfortunately it has been discontinued. Just my luck.