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Oden´s Pure Wintergreen Extreme White Dry

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    Oden´s Pure Wintergreen Extreme White Dry

    The can is a white with the usual viking ornaments on it. Looks cool.

    Looking at the pouch it seems like there is a little less in it compared to a regular portion,
    but the name says it all: Extreme dry, after a few minutes in, the saliva makes it feel like a normal portion.

    It has a smell of somekind of medicated/listerine/wintergreen to it. Pop the snus in, and you will feel a really
    nice burn/nick hit. After a minute or so the burn and listerine taste disappears and you are left with pure wintergreen.
    Not candy sweet, but just wintergreen.
    The flavour lasts for about an hour and a half.

    A pretty good snus imo.

    Thanks for that....a little pricey at just 10 g & 16 portions per can. I may give a it a try; one can just for fun.


      I order the regular portion pure wintergreen once in a while for a wintergreen fix. Pretty good as well