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    Originally posted by jmdkodiak
    Jaks Classic Strong is one of, if not THE best snus made. The flavor actually speaks volumes. The subtle honey hint is a nice touch, and a welcome divergence from the common bergamot flavor of traditional snus. However, you can still taste the quality in this snus and tell that it is a top notch snus. I've been tossing around three brands I use regularly (General Ekstra Sterk, N&J Strong, and Jaks Classic Strong) and it's now down to two. I decided not to order anymore General Ekstra Sterks as they are too bitter, too dry, and lack flavor. Jaks is looking like the winner in every aspect. It's damn near perfect.

    +1 - one of my favorites!


      I have a can of this in the post, and am really looking forward to trying it, I love the Wintergreen and Mint. I really like the sweetness of these snuses (although I'm aware this isn't to everyone's taste).


        I loved the initial flavor on this one but, for me, it turned bitter after 30 minutes or so.


          Love this snus and the strong mint as well. I have not had the OP but have read in reviews that the strong is much seeter. I love the strong. Haven't had them turn bitter on me and have kept them in an hour and a half. Def. worth a try!


            I saw this thread pop up in the current threads yesterday so I thought I'd give it a shot. I have a solo can. It's only been in 10 minutes. The sweetness is very welcoming. I love it. The boys at gotlands hit a home run on this one. It's like a natural sweetness. Only one downside. I only have one can!


              Not excited about the sweetness.

              First, I am very happy that I got this at $10 for 20 cans at Getsnus. I was very excited to see that it was a Classic portion, since I obtained 20 cans as a soon-to-be-expired snus (May 19th, 2012). My excitement dwindled when I started using it because I did not expect it to be sweet, well it is only moderately sweet, nonetheless I was not happy about the sweet flavor incorporated into a "classic" snus. I had been purchasing General mint and wintergreen for a while and did not enjoy the sweetness when I used it with beer. I was hoping that it would be more like a traditionally flavored Swedish snus. In summary, the sweetness overpowers the other flavors that I crave (bitter is definitely there). It does not go well with beer. It seems to be out of place: a classic snus that is sweet. I enjoy a sweet snus when it is flavored to support sweetness (wintergreen, fruit, mint) but not when I expect it to be a traditional snus. It is essentially a snus that is a mixture of the two types I use depending on the circumstances (w/beer or wo/beer). I think this mixture does not have a place in my stash of snus, but with 19 more cans to go, could it possibly replace both? Snus preferences for many seem to change over time. This could either be the best snus for me or as I stated earlier a snus that has no place for my particular tastes. Only time and 19 cans will tell if this is a great snus or just a snus that I obtained for a great price.


                Excellent snus! All of the qualities of Jakobsson's original portion, with a little less citrusy flavor, replaced with a sweet honey flavor. Not a single bad thing to say about this snus. I gladly use it on a daily basis with a few other staples.


                  Little Pillows of Happiness

                  I'm on my third can of this now, and felt compelled to write something about it.

                  I know this snus is "Made for America." Well, this American is glad they made it. Thanks Gotlandssnus!

                  First thing you'll notice is the can. (And the annoying warnings on it. Sadly, it carries the American-required warnings, which mar a very nice label and can design.) It's an Old-Timey looking design with a steamship leaving port and a couple on the dock waving "Bon Voyage!" or whatever they would say in Swedish. Even the catch lid looks like a compass. I gather that Jakobsson's wishes to convey the idea that you're embarking on a classy, high-seas cruise. A snus cruise. Full steam ahead for flavor! It's a good thing they didn't hire me to come up with their slogan.

                  Right, the flavor. Who cares about the can, right? Why do reviewers go on about how the bloody tin looks?

                  Appollo's Left Nut, this stuff is good. (The god Apollo, not Apollo Creed.)

                  Honey. Yeah, that's what folks say it tastes like. It does sorta remind one of honey, if one has had honey that's been made by tobacco-eating bees. But it's much more than that. Edit: Okay, after really getting into this snus more, I'm gonna say this is definitely more of a maple flavor than honey.

                  The more I use of this, the more I can taste the other things going on with this snus. It starts off sweet, sure. Not really sweet, not overly or cloyingly sweet. But it is sweet. If you're a sweet snus hater, if your snus must taste of only Swedish Tradition, with no unclean sweeteners and such (Egad, what will they put in it next? BBQ sauce?) tainting the purity, you won't like it. More for the rest of us.

                  Underneath that, and it will show up after a few minutes, there's a dark, slightly bitter-in-a-good-way, rich tobacco flavor. And some salt, of course. It all combines to make a fantastic mélange of delightful flavor. This is one snus you won't be sitting there wondering if you got a dud batch or what (unless you do get a dud batch). No, this snus lets you know it's there. Lets you know it's your buddy, but not the kind of buddy that drinks all your best beer and then "pays you back" with cheap stuff.

                  Of course, this could be just the nicotine talking.

                  Speaking of nicotine. It says 14mg. Does it feel 75% stronger than a normal portion? I don't know, but it is stronger. Not a hit-you-upside-the-head-with-a-hammer strong, but maybe with a pillow.

                  And speaking of pillows. The pouches are plump, not like some other kinds of snus with their underfilled pouches. These ones are stuffed, like little pillows of happiness.

                  Try this snus. It's good and stuff.


                    Ughh! This stuff is terrible. I just got a can, used 2 portions, and decided to give this away to charity.
                    Absolutely nasty flavor. Yuk!