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  • Reviews For Blågul Portion

    Just tried this one.

    When I opened the can i noticed the portions looked very moist, plump and smelt a strong aroma of citrus.

    At 1st I thought the aroma was orange but on popping one in giving it a press with my tongue I thought more lemon and quite pronounced lemon. Also I think I get a hint of bergamot going on in the background. I found the portions soft and comfortable under the lip.

    I would put this snus in the 'classic swedish snus taste' category.

    Just my 2 cents anyway.

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    Thats pretty much what I would have said. A good somewhat traditional flavored snus.

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      Man I am bummed out. Blagul came out the day after I got one giant order and made another. I still haven't tried it.


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        Gotta say I'm indifferent about this snus... I could go either way.

        Initially, I ordered a roll due to its slightly cheaper price. As it turns out, I should've looked a little closer! Each tin only comes with 17g of snus, and only 19 portions! So, the difference in cost more or less balances it out with the more expensive Swedish Match brands.

        The portions arrived super moist, which is actually a con to me. I've become a big fan of the Swedish Match long portions, which are effectively a mix between white portions and original portions in moisture level. The Blågul portions are so moist, they leave residue on the tin when you take one out. If you like super moist, you'll like this!

        The nicotine is all there at 8mg. As for flavor, it was very subtle to me. I had to tongue it (even after an hour) to get a taste, and it's strongly lemon with a faint hint of tobacco.

        The portion feel is nice! It feels unlike anything I've yet tried, but I'd liken it to Jakobsson's portions in size and feel. I can tell these guys did some R&D before settling on these portions. They're excellently plump, don't fuse together in the tin, and feel silky soft in the lip. Also, the tin forms a good seal when closed, and isn't generally a cheap piece of crap like some other cheaper brands.

        The lack of flavor (unless I tongue it) just doesn't do it for me, though, so I'm a little disappointed that I ordered an entire roll of this stuff. It'll still get used, though.

        Portion size, feel
        Quality level

        Moisture level (personal taste)
        Only 17g, 19 portions per tin
        Light on flavor


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          Good review! Thanks, almost forgot what a snus review looked like. This trend with the portion material is great, but the smaller portion count trend is a classic ripoff. I still use vacumed frozen snus from 2009 almost everyday, 24 grams a can and 24 portions, the way it was. We are trending towards one slimy wet snus per can at some point. all my old los stash is 50 g a can. Hard to believe the good old days were within the warranty period of a new car, ago!
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            To me, this snus smelled and tasted like a hot bowl of potpourri. Funny how tastes are different. I tried three different times and every time it was so nasty I couldn't keep the portion in for longer than a few minutes. This has never happened to me with any other snus.

            I'm glad others like it though.

            For reference I'm a skruf/general guy.