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Tobacco-Free Snus: refrigate/freeze. In mouth for how long?

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    Tobacco-Free Snus: refrigate/freeze. In mouth for how long?

    Been a while since I have interacted here (though the title of the site and forum came from me), but beginning TODAY, I'm trying TOBACCO-FREE Snus, and was curious as to whether the "best before" dates are like for 6-8 months off on what I bought. I purchased a ROLL of 10 Lyft Licorice, a ROLL of 10 of Nordic Spirit Berry Citrus, and 2 cans of Lyft Urban Vibe (all of them STRONG: 14mg), and was wondering if these need refrigeration (or put in a freezer). I noticed in searching the internet, and here as well, that Lyft description says there is NO NEED to Refrigerate. Is this the case for all these "TOBACCO-FREE" brands? Since I got 12 cans of Lyft, I got the answer for that brand. Is that Applicable to Nordic Spirit brand as well.

    I guess for HOW LONG do we keep a pouch of these under the lip depends on the person. I got one in my mouth now, so maybe I'll just "automatically" find out what's good suited for me. Just curious about others length of time, the Tobacco-Free Snus, is for others. Thanks!

    Snus On!

    Welcome back to the forum StarWing It's good to see you here.

    Ref the best way to store the nicotine pouch products it seems to vary manufacturer to manufacturer and product to product. Some say they can just be stored at room temperature and some add to that that once you open a can you should use it in a few days. I approached it on the moistness of the product. For the moist ones I kept them in the refrigerator until I wanted to use them and the extra-dry variants I just stored at room temperature. I guess the underside product label is useful when deciding too.

    Ref how long to keep the pouch under your lip this is probably personal preference but for me I think it was 10-20 mins. I found the pouches released their payload quicker than snus which I keep in for a good hour or so.

    Anyhow, do let us know your experiences with the products. We'd love to hear.