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Announcement: Toque x Snubie (SP Wintergreen) Nasal Snuff - Now Available!

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    Announcement: Toque x Snubie (SP Wintergreen) Nasal Snuff - Now Available!

    I wanted to make this announcement here as well. Why? SnusOn is where I learned about nasal snuff a decade ago, and where I saw a lot of nasal snuff discussion occur.

    I've made quite a few collaborations over the years, but this is my first nasal snuff collaboration. I couldn't have picked a better company than Toque to do this with, because they've always been my #1 company.

    So, here it is - my new snuff! I wanted to do a wintergreen because there really aren't any out there. And SP Wintergreen was an idea I've had kicking around for a while now (ever since someone suggested I make a bergamot+wintergreen snus).

    Enjoy, it's available for purchase now!

    Snubie x Toque Nasal Snuff: SP Wintergreen


    Commercial / Advertisement Video

    Purchase Link (

    Congrats on the new venture Chad.
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