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    Lavender Dark

    I bought this because I can not find a decent review of this stuff and needed to make one.

    I also like Samuel Gawith snuffs....especially their dark ones (except menthol black.....I used a whole tin and am glad it is gone).

    I also like the idea of a floral snuff. My favorite to date is Toque Lavender...

    So. SG Lavender Dark is definitely scented on their Kendal Brown base. KB special was my favorite SG until I tasted this rare gem. It smells of leather and oil and burning tires with a very light and subtle lavender hint floating in it.

    I dig this stuff. It smells like a female auto mechanic.....and that is hot.

    The lavender actually comes in on that back end of this snuff and if you don't know what you are looking for you might miss it. I prefer this to the Black Rappee.....I prefer all of the KB's to the black rappee but this is by far the best I have tasted from Samuel Gawith.

    If you like the Kendal Brown snuffs try this. This is a manly floral.....if you can call it a floral....but definitely my favorite Kendal snuff.

    The Lavender dark is nice. Lavender can be all over the map in snuffs. Some of the granny lavenders are the worst.
    wiki "Popcorn Sutton" a true COOT!