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    Black Rappee rappee.

    Samuel Gawith does a fantastic job with coarse, moist, dark snuffs and this is excellent.

    It is dark and leathery and a tad smoky.....but light and refreshing.


    Yeah. This snuff is the lightest tasting rappee I have tried. It isnt a wimpy snuff by any means, it is ling lasting and lovely.

    Great, no nonsense tobacco done wonderfully.

    This is easily an all day snuff. Complex enough to keep you from getting bored but not overwhelming. Messy and coarse, but smooth in the nose.

    I suggest this if you like shmaltzers or the real kendal browns.

    This is definitely on my bulk buy list.

    I always must have some on hand now.....

    This sounds awesome ! I am a huge fan of Schmalzler styles, and this just moved into the top of my must try list. Do you know if this is available in 10g offerings ?

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      Check Mr. Snuff most Samuel Gawith come in 25g tins or 5g tap boxes

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