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    Menthol Black

    Oh my.....

    I got some of the Samuel Gawith menthol black and black rappe on my last snuff order and woah....this is good stuff.

    Now, the menthol blackk seems to be just a mentholated version of the black rappe so I feel I can not talk about one without the other.....

    The flavor of this is strange.....darkness and leather and tobacco and brined plums and menthol. Sounds weird, right?

    It is.

    I love the black rappe, but the menthol black is a strange beast. The menthol outlasts the flavor of the tobacco.....but not by much. There is a very harmonious blend in this but I feel it will be relegated to an "in the mood" snuff as now a days menthols are "sick" or cleanout/palate cleansing snuffs for me and this does not have the power of a pinch of hedges or even o&g for that matter.

    It is definitely a sharp English style of menthol in a moist, coarse, leathery snuff that helps tame that menthol..... There is a lot going on here....

    If you like (or love) the SG dark and heavies, do not hesitate to try this sucker out. It hits all of those notes with a lift of menthol. Even a menthol hater may like this one.....

    Maybe not.

    It is a strange bird.....but a tasty strange bird.

    sounds intresting


      I have to add.....cramming this stuff in my nose the first sniff is medicated horror....and really not pleasant.

      WEIRD MENTHOL HORROR!!!!!!!....

      From the second sniff and afterwards it is like a minty chocolate covered plum......eaten on the back of a decaying log while tooling leather.

      Good once you get it in your nose. sure packs one heck of a wallop of the black rappee....but this seems stronger. I had to blow it out twice today because I was getting too much. Also, no snus for more than a month to put it in perspective.

      This is the first snuff to really kick my butt in nic.