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Is it dangerous to swallow dip juice?

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    I remember the first time I ate accident though. Washed it down with a swig of beer and that was the end of that fun night for me, I was green and sick as a dog until next morning haha


      you can die :^)

      be aware


        Swallowed husbands Nasty spit by accident

        [QUOTE=precious007;319153]you can die :^)
        Yes I feel like I am going to die I have puked all morning I had a can of drink on the night stand he woke up and spit in it I didn't know it and swallowed some of t while taking my morning pills I instantly started gagging and puke three times and the stuff is just sticking to my throats and burning in my nose lips mouth stomach can't get rid of the stuff it's a hour later and I'm feeling Queezy and burning I have brushed my teeth and mouthwashes and I can still taste it and feel just awful I'm gagging while typing this I can't stand this I feel so discusted and super mad feel like the spit is climbing back up my throat. I'm not going to work today because of it can't handle it the slimy feeling of grit and slim as it went in my throats I knew I said I just swallowed a big nasty spit ball...I'm so pissed off right now I hate chewing tobacco


          Originally posted by Gameness View Post
          He swallows the dip when he is done...? That's some hardcore sh*t.
          Yeah I just swallow the juice now, it doesn't burn my throat or make me feel sick so it's all good. I don't get much juice to begin with even with a fresh can.
          I do the same thing. I swallow the spit and the chunk of chew when I'm done. I've been noticing some abnormal stomach pain tho after I do it.


            Been dipping over 30 years, been swallow my juice for at least the last ten years. No problems here.


              Spit or swallow......this seems to be a question I have asked on numerous occasions but in a completely different context.... (look its the Karen emoji!!!!!).

              But as far as dip/snus are concerned.......what I can tell you from personal experience is that the health ramifications of spitting are far more detrimental than those incurred because of swallowing

              For example, several years ago I was with a bunch of friends, one of them had a dip in and was a beautiful fall night here in the south.....the wind caught the spit and hit some big dudes girl on the buddy about got his ass kicked.....luckily I interceded trying to make peace by offering to loving wipe her legs down (and breasts....just to make sure)....and then I about got MY ass kicked just for trying to being nice.......there was some bourbon involved....but I digress

              The worst medical ramification I have received from dipping came from high school my friends and I would watch football in our den.....spit cups were not allowed in the we spit in my mom's competition African Violates that she had in the den because the morning light was good......we killed every damn one of them.....then my sister busted us.....and I got the crap beat out of me.....spitting kills, it is a detriment to foliage, it will get your ass kicked on the street, and you know you are going to spill that mud jug at some point.

              Gotta man up

              Just saying
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              When it's my time to go, I want to die peacefully in my sleep, like my uncle did....... Not screaming in terror like his passengers