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    Smells like Jack! Or sour mash in general...
    Brings memories of good nights out...


      I am on the Copenhagen mailing list for coupons from a few years of walking in those marketing RV's in Las Vegas. Usually pick about a handful of tins and then months later get some coupons.
      Well, I can deal with Cope products once in awhile so I went the first time to the tobacco store and they did not have the black but the guy offered any other product. I declined and waited another week to get two tins of this stuff. Upon cracking the tin I was blown away with a very foul smell that did tickle my stomach. Even with the coupons I was still at 10 bucks or so in the hole so I forced myself a pinch.

      NOPE, not for me. If I could compare it to anything it would be vomit from corn whiskey that was blended with oak leaves. I do like the natural fine or longcut and the WG but this was some really bad stuff in my opinion.


        I like it alot in long cut and the straight long as well and wintegreen. In fact the fact that it came out in long cut and regular use of wintergreen led me back to snus


          Lol copenhagen, i didn't know there was any other danish fabricants out there but V2 Tobacco that made snus/snuff
          how come i've never heard of this??

          Anyway would really love to try it now, just cause it's danish and all :b


            try it you might like it wintergreen or straight long cut the fine cut is rough going