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Kayak Apple Long Cut

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    Kayak Apple Long Cut

    I have an unopened can of this at home. It must be a newer can, as it has the new warning label lid, and the lid art does not have a kayak boat, it's just the brand name Kayak, and under it says Apple, and then Long Cut Moist Snuff. My older can of the Grape does not have the new lid, has a picture of a kayak boat and say Grape Long Cut. So they have made can design changes. I finished off my can of Skoal Apple Blend yesterday, so when I get home, I'll open this Kayak Apple and post my review.


    Note, the pic is the older can. The new can is as I described above.

    Hmm, just opened this. Mmmm, smells great. Grabbed a pinch, pinched and packed well. And the taste? Great!
    Mmmm, really good taste. Way better than Skoal. I like this more than the grape, which was good.
    The cut is soft and comfortable. Juices up good. This is really good. I'd get this again for sure.

    So far, while Kayak may be the cheapest brand, the 2 I have had, are both very good.