New Here & To Snus! - An Introduction

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Just figured I would introduce my self and say Hi!

As an intro to my nicotine history I smoke cigarettes and cigars as well as occasional vaping. (Can't get enough nicotine!)

I'm just getting into Snus and have tried Camel Winterchill / Mint & General Wintergreen / White.

I started out with the Camel as it was the easiest to obtain and was in wintergreen which I absolutely love. (The wintergreen flavor is great and strong with Camel!) The mint flavor was OK but not my bag. At first it burned my gums, as with most people. After about a week I stopped feeling the burn from Camel and decided I should try some Swedish snus.

Then I found General Snus at a local tobacco shop and was happy to see they keep them refrigerated. Now, THIS STUFF burns. In a damn good way too. I think I had the first nicotine buzz I've had in years. The flavor wasn't as strong as the Camel but it was certainly noticeable. (The wintergreen flavor was very weak but I like it. The white tasted mostly of bergamot almost as if I was having a cup of tea.) I certainly like General's nic strength over Camel.

I guess I am looking for anymore suggestions on brands to try. I would preferably like to not order online as the shipping is ludicrous.

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