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Thread: What's in your mouth right now?

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    Amen to the pain meds...what's my name again?!?

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    i wish it was my head.. its my back broken in eight places and theres a lot messed up but enough of that.... still got the Claq Qui in and i am ready to pass out the meds are kicked in big time so good night to all here see ya guys in the morrow :P

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    See that's jacked up! Pain meds don't make me sleepy, they wire me!

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    ^ you're one of those people that prop up their eyelids with toothpicks. i rip the cotton swabs off q-tips to do the same thing :P .

    be well covetous, things do work out.

    still sucking on the phantom windex blue... mmm... gonna get me anudda...

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    Still trying to get rid of this odens ES kanel. 3 clicks and it's sort of intense nicotine wise. I almost like it now, but not quite

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    3 click pris of Phantom Blue.

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    Skruf Stark Porsjon

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    N&J and a cold beer! Just can't drink with
    the los... Dammit, and a couple of the cigs.
    They're very hard to quit when I've had
    a few beers. But, I'm still trying!!!

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    pall mall white its sooo tasty great yummy :P

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    Skruf Stark Portion.


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    Tre Ankare. Been a while since I last had this, wonder how it would taste in original portions. Goes good with my mcd's coffee on the road to Gulf Shores.

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    Wonderful, delicious N&J West!!

    What's that you say? N&J West is no longer?

    How right you are. But, when there are good people out there, that doesn't matter! 8)

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    claq qui, ive been going sorta crazy with em the last couple days.

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    delicious retro :P i need to slow down on them so they will last till i get more

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    General white portion......seeing as how my Northerner order has seemingly disappeared off of the face of the earth, and I had to go get raped at the local tobacco shop. :x

    Hopefully, my emergency Getsnus order will be here at the beginning of the week.

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    fading double barrel. a pris of grov and a catch portion. gonna get a portion of general wintergreen white to cap this cycle off with.

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