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Thread: Filt snus paper - like a rollie for snus

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    Filt snus paper - like a rollie for snus

    I got tired of Canadian customs overcharging on my snus orders, so I started making my own and haven't looked back.

    The only problem was filling my own portion bags for work and school. I started just rolling portions into cigarette papers, but the texture felt slimey and weird.

    Enter Filt papers. I'm pretty sure they're a new company out of Iceland. I got an order of them a few weeks ago, and it's exactly what I needed. I can just fold up any size or shape portion I like. Very happy with the product and I hihhly recomend it to anyone who makes their own snus.

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    Thanks for the heads up. For anyone interested here is the link:

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    I was using xtool and prillan portion bags, but filling them is a tedious chore, and they ha e the same shape as a regular portion. With the Filt I can roll my own slim portions (my home made snus is quite strong. 75% fronto and 25% rustica). Much more discrete. Plus I love twisting my own portions. I used to roll my own darts, so the ritual is nice.
    I still use the pouches sometimes when I'm going to be working in the garage. Hands get to greasy to be handling the Filt papers.


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