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Thread: What, where and how much? Shipping to Spain!

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    What, where and how much? Shipping to Spain!

    Hello everyone! So glad i found this forum. Crisis! I am Norwegian and have lives in Spain for years.
    I used to buy my snus from a local Swedish shop, but they have now stopped importing it. I have
    been looking around and found a couple of online shops shipping to Spain. Has anyone had any problems
    importing? Is it illegal or is it only illegal to sell? Any recommendations where to buy, and if not Skruf - a
    similar brand? How much can I import, any limits?

    Thanks so much in advance!!

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    You can buy no problem here:

    No minimum order, I have received my order of 10 cans without problem

    If the package for customs as they keep it, you can not buy any type of internet snuff.

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    Snusline. Highly reliable and no tax as they ship from Israel free.

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    Why do they not ship to USA? Such a big market. Snus line and odensnus

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    Snusline couldn't offer free shipping to the USA.....they say they have plans to offer snus to the US. When that will appear who knows. I think the shipping from odenssnus worked out too expensive to the US. People just wouldn't buy it.

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    Make sure that you always have 2 rolls in your fridge when you make an order.......its just something you have to do to make sure you dont run out if there are difficulties. Remember....snus is not illegal....all that may happen if you havent already paid tax, is that customs may ask you to pay the duty.

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    Exactly. Luckily I travel to Norway often, and have friends and family coming often that always bring me a lot. I just placed an order at Northerner, 20 boxes of Skruf Extra Strong Can't wait to get it! I am running low now, so I hope it ships fast! 80 Euro for 20 boxes including shipping and delivery is insanely cheap. I have been paying 7 Euros a box until now... Thanks all for your help!


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