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Thread: Fresh green tobacco leaf.

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    Fresh green tobacco leaf.

    Is it safe to chew fresh green tobacco leaf? I mean has it a high/low TSNA count prior to curing? ...and does it have a higher/lower nicotine content?

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    You can chew fresh tobacco, but you won't get any nicotine that way. The nicotine has to be made absorbable with soda (like in snus), chalk (like in Makla) or acids (either added or as a byproduct of fermentation in chewing tobacco or dip). The nicotine absorption is also boosted by the curing and the different methods of processing of the tobacco.

    Fresh tobacco tastes almost exactly like lettuce.

    I'm sure the TSNA'S are lower than in processed tobacco or maybe even not yet existent.

    Our members from the snus-industry can say more about the science of tobacco-manufacturing, nicotine-content and TSNA'S.


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    Not sure, but I think the TSNAs come from the curing process. I remember reading about US snuff having much higher TSNAs due to the heat used when curing.

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    Nitrosamines are indeed present in green tobacco, along with a whole bunch of other products and plants. Nitrosamines become more potent as the tobacco dries, so a fresh green plant will contain the lowest concentration of TSNAs. Cured tobacco will have a slightly higher TSNA count and burning tobacco has the highest concentration.

    The only way to get any real nicotine off of a green plant is if it's wet with dew or rainwater before it's torn off the stalk. The moisture brings the nicotine out of the leaf and can be pretty potent. Otherwise, if it's dry and you just pull the leaf off and chew it, it's going to taste like pissy lettuce and not give you much of a buzz.


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