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Thread: Nicorette Lozenges

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    Nicorette Lozenges

    Anyone tried the nicorette lozenges? Are they any fun ?

    Was thinking to try them out.... if they're any good... I've seen there's quite a few aromas.. :-)
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    2 mg nicotine ........................ might just as well suck your thumb.

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    Saw them at the coop, was tempted to buy them, but yeah, 2mg is nothing.

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    Are they any fun? This is a joke right? Seriously?

    They are about as much fun as a mint chalk enama, But in your Mouth... They are complete and utter garbage... Sure they last long if you like an hour or 2 of nasty mint chalk in your mouth...

    They are the reason half of us are here, If they worked at all to quit smoking half of us wouldn't be here...

    They are the reason i can't stand mint snus....

    They come in Orange flavor, But i could never get them.. Good thing, Because I would never be able to look at an orange again...

    Sure They even come in 2mg,4mg,6mg and i think even 8mg and are useless.... Just as useless as the Nocoderm patch... YMMV

    Don't waste your money...

    Edit: I need to edit to be fair.... The Nicoderm patch did help me in my 1st attemt to quit smoking and did work. Quiting smoking with these products is not the problem.... The problem is staying quit after use.... The lozenge did help a tinny bit when i had a slip, but was not good enough and tasted nasty.... Again... YMMV

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    I used them several times and they do work. I would definitely start with the 4 mgs. The disadvantages are that is leaves a pasty chalk around the edges of your mouth. Also, as soon as you stop using them you feels like you want to have a smoke again.

    It wouldn't hurt to try them at least. I liked the coffee flavored ones myself. I have a bunch leftover if you want to try some. They are probably well beyond expiration but it should still work enough to give you an idea. I used to fine them on ebay as well.

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    I guess if I'd run out of snus and was somewhere I couldn't smoke, then I'd probably use something like this, but only as an emergency fix.

    To use them for pleasure seems as pointless as having a caffeine tablet as an alternative to cup of coffee.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snusgetter View Post
    2 mg nicotine ........................ might just as well suck your thumb.
    yes I guess so guys

    but you can have them more often to get the daily .... 20 mg or so

    getter think anout it .... an ES might have 16 mg but the most is aborbed out of that is 2 mg

    I was just asking ............ maybe have them every now and them when I can't take los........ but........ they are expensive as well...........


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