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    Using the Latakia style of tobacco in it's base, the A/P is a snuff that has Character with a capitol C!

    A/P apparently stands for Abies/Pinus, Latin for Spruce/Pine.
    The Latakia represents a particular method of smoking the whole tobacco leaf after it has been dried for flavoring.

    The end result in this case is a dark brown, medium to coarse grind, slightly moist powerhouse. The immediate inhalation presents a strong fresh pine scent.
    No similarity to certain cleaning products at all!
    This to me is the smell of the kerf from a fresh cut tree, the yard of a lumber mill on a hot summer morning.

    Powerful live pine!

    In the nose the size of the grind requires I give a slight massage to keep it in place. The pine blast backs off enough to let the smokey tobacco of the Latakia through. Again, that old, established tobacco shop kind of smell, the kind of smell that is embedded and will comfort the generations.

    Long term, the pine holds front row, refreshing nicely after blowing. Going outdoors, either just after a pinch or quite sometime after having had a good blow, makes no difference. The fresh air revives the pine and the tobacco in a mellowed and balanced whole. Actually taken while outside in fresh air is perfection!

    I'd put the nicotine at medium to high. Take care to keep this one up front as the back drip can be uncomfortable. Oh yeah, I'm liking this one with no reservation!

    Another fine review by OTD

    My first time trying this I kept waiting for it to slip into some nasty pine cleaner smell. It never did. Smoke a pipe of mild English while putting up your Christmas tree. The smell is authentic and rich.

    I love this snuff when I have to get up very early in the morning. The nic kick is strong and the smell is sturdy. There are also times when I have burned out on about everything else and nothing will do except AP.

    That said neither AP or its brother AO are all day snuffs

    There is nothing subtle about either of them

    If you like poking your noes into a tin of Latakia pipe tobacco and taking long deep draws (which I do)..........then these two snuff will be right up your alley.
    When it's my time to go, I want to die peacefully in my sleep, like my uncle did....... Not screaming in terror like his passengers



      You are too kind sir, I thank you.

      Gawd but I enjoy the variety of snuff!