• All If Not Most Forms Of Smokeless Tobacco


    "just a neat little .pdf from 2002, I'm sure everyone has seen it by now while trolling across the internet."

    A great little fact sheet that contains data on alot of different smokeless tobacco products. If you haven't seen this on your fact finding missions, the link above will take you to it.
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    1. Snusify's Avatar
      Snusify -
      Thanks for posting this, a nice document with good pictures.

      A more recent and comprehensive study is available to download, it is huge and goes into great detail. However in some of the tests they injected concentrated dip, snus, chew into the cheeks of mice and doh! they got cancer.

      anyhow here it is

    1. SnusoMatic's Avatar
      SnusoMatic -
      This is my favorite quote of the first pdf

      "Smokeless tobacco use also causes a number of noncancerous oral conditions and can lead to nicotine addiction similar to that produced by cigarette smoking.

      Do you guess that anyone over the age of five don't know that tobacco is addictive? haha

      The first one has good pictures and made me want to try some of that stuff. some of that Indian tobacco looks pretty wicked.

      Gonna save that second pdf for later on sometime when my mind can get into it better. At a glance it looks interesting.

      Thanks for the info
    1. Snuts's Avatar
      Snuts -
      Very good document. Thanks.

      I loved this part:

      "Users pinch off a small piece and chew the iq’mik. The user may pre-chew the
      iq’mik and place it in a small box for later use by others, including children and sometimes
      teething babies."

    1. crazedcanuck's Avatar
      crazedcanuck -
      Toothpaste eh... interesting! Though I can be pretty sure it certainly does not whiten teeth! I want to try all of these variations.

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