• Information About Posting Pictures To The Forums and Chatbox

    Greetings everyone.

    We hope you are all enjoying the look, feel and additional functionality here in the new forum. As we continue to add new modules and even more functionality, we are beginning to see the fruits of our labors come to fruition with more and more new snus lovers becoming members as well as seeing some old friends become more active. Our humble goal in creating this new template was to make sure that the SnusOn community would have the ability to grow and expand as Swedish snus becomes more popular and the community becomes the place that new snusers could find helpful information in a comfortable, fun and friendly environment. It's because of this common goal that we decided it was time that we made it clear about what can and can not be posted to the forums and Chatbox. We understand that in order for a forum to be successful, it has to have a fun and friendly air about it but, what may be considered fun to one person, may be considered offensive or shocking to another. What we all must understand is that the SnusOn community is an informative, learning site first and foremost. Therefore, we must ask everyone to only post pictures that are in good taste and relative to the nature of the community and refrain from posting any pictures that contain nudity, are sexual in nature or could be considered offensive to anyone. We know that the last thing we would all want to have happen is to have any member leave because they felt uncomfortable here due to a picture being posted as a joke and misconstrued as an insult. We hope you all understand our position on this and will continue to help make the SnusOn community the most informative community centered around Swedish snus, nasal snuff and smokeless tobacco on the internet.

    Thanks for your understanding,
    SnusOn Admin Team