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    As many of you know from reading the boards, Mike aka Monkey started a nasal snuff box pass, the contents of which I mailed to PFC Nick Twombley in Iraq. His mom contacted someone here on snuffhouse (I think), asking about where to get snuff for her son, and the Nasal Snuff Only box pass was born. Many of us included snus in the box, and I think it was a great thing that we shipped off a bunch of smokeless tobacco for our troops and countrymen and women to enjoy while they are enduring the hardships of war.

    I have read a couple posts lately, the latest from sgreger, about people throwing their mystery cans in the trash. I myself have similarly disposed of some Wintergreen at least once. It's a shame to toss perfectly good snus when there are so many people out there who would love to have it. It would be a great pleasure to mail flat-rate boxes of unwanted snus and snuff to our troops so that they may pass the time and ease the stress this Summer with some smokeless tobacco enjoyment. For anyone who agrees with these sentiments, feel free to mail me any unwanted snus, snuff samples, or your favorite snus that you feel compelled to share with our troops. No, I will not use it lol, and I work a block away from a post office so it will be very easy for me to get this stuff in the mail. We can do this as often as you all continue to keep a steady flow of donations rolling in. Please send only unopened donations to the following address:

    [Address removed for privacy, please see original post for details on where you can send a donation]

    I can start by sending another box to PFC Nick Twombly and asking him to distribute it. Alternately, if any of you have a friend or relative to whom you would like these donations to go, feel free to provide me with that information. One of my best friends gets home from Afghanistan today, so I will be asking him for one of his buddy's names and address to distribute some to Afghanistan as well, provided that some of you are interested in this endeavor. I can update this thread when shipments go out with lists of the contents and who donated so we can all see how awesome we are, and exactly how much enjoyment we are providing to those who deserve it most. What do you all think? Thanks, Roo
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      Roo -
      Can't believe I made the front page. Donations have arrived and the generosity of this community is mind-blowing. Unbelievable. I love Snuson. ~ Roo
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      Lots of updates in the original thread:

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      this is a great cause, darcy from mudjug.com also ran a raise money for smokeless tobacco for the troops a few months back and it was quite successful. I will happily donate some cash to get some snus for the troops.