• Gotlandssnus AB

    Gotlandssnus' foundations are built on three generations of snus experience, with the first snus on Gotland being produced in 1741. Using Alida tobacco, grown on the island of Gotland, in every one of their snus brands gives their snus a unique flavor that can only be found in Gotlandssnus.

    Gotlandssnus is also the first ones to create a Christmas time snus, Julesnus, that's been a favorite since it's inception in 2003. Below is a list of the brands they produce along with their varieties:

    • Gotland's Original (Yellow) loose
    • Gotland's Original (Yellow) portion
    • Gotland's Fläder (Green) portion
    • Gotland's Anis (Grey) loose
    • Gotland's Anis (Grey) portion
    • Gotland's Julesnus loose
    • Gotland's Julesnus portion

    • Jakobsson's Classic portion
    • Jakobsson's Ice Fruit portion
    • Jakobsson's Wintergreen portion

    Tobacco & Nicotine free bands:
    • Tobak & Nicotinfri Original portion
    • Sprilla Ice Fruit White portion
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    1. Monkey's Avatar
      Monkey -
      Don't forget the new Jakobsson's Wintergreen!
    1. jtricer1973's Avatar
      jtricer1973 -
      Gotland's Original loose is some good freaking snus!!!!