• Fielder & Lundgren

    Headquartered in Malmö, Sweden, Fielder & Lundgren is probably the oldest snus manufacturing name in Sweden. Started as a company in 1835, F & L's history has been full of name changes but one thing that has stayed consistent thru out it's 175 year existence, is it's commitment to producing quality Swedish snus.

    Even though the company was started in 1835, it was Samuel Fielder who applied for permission to manufacture snus in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1785. Today, Fielder & Lundgren produces many different brands of snus and below is a list of those brands along with their varieties:

    • Granit loose
    • Granit portion
    • Granit White portion
    • Granit Maxi portion
    • Granit Mini portion

    Lucky Strike:
    • Lucky Strike loose
    • Lucky Strike portion
    • Lucky Strike White portion
    • Lucky Strike Bold loose
    • Lucky Strike Bold portion

    • Mocca Anise White Mini portion
    • Mocca Pomegranite White Mini portion
    • Mocca Mint White Mini portion
    • Mocca Macchiato White Mini portion

    M by Mocca:
    • M by Mocca Anise White portion
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    1. fedora's Avatar
      fedora -
      Granit snus is truly a wonderful snus. The los is what I have used and I love it.