• Swedish Match

    Swedish Match is undoubtedly the largest tobacco company in Sweden manufacturing many of the most popular brands as well. General (pronounced 'Yen-er-al') is one of the most popular brands made by Swedish Match in both Sweden and the rest of the emerging world wide market. General original was first introduced in 1850 by Johan Boman and it's formula has gone pretty much unchanged since!

    Ettan is the company's oldest brand being introduced by Jacob Fredrik Ljunglöf in 1822 with it's basic formula of tobacco, salt and water remaining unchanged for over 180 years. Below, we've compiled a list of the brands Swedish Match produces along with the different flavors and types they come in:

    • General loose
    • General Extra Stark loose
    • General Silver portion
    • General Original portion
    • General Extra Stark portion
    • General White portion
    • General Stark White portion
    • General Onyx
    • General Mint White portion
    • General Wintergreen White portion
    • General Mini portion
    • General Mini White portion
    • General Mini Mint White portion

    The Lab Series:
    • 01 Original portion
    • 02 Strong portion

    1847 by Philip Morris:
    • 1847 by Philip Morris Original portion
    • 1847 by Philip Morris White portion

    • Catch Licorice White portion
    • Catch Eucalyptus White portion
    • Catch Mini Licorice portion
    • CatchDry Licorice Mini White portion
    • CatchDry Eucalyptus Mini White portion
    • Catch Collection Mini White portion (flavors change quarterly)

    • Göteborgs Prima Fint loose
    • Göteborgs Rapé loose
    • Göteborgs Rapé White portion
    • Göteborgs Rapé No. 2 White portion
    • Göteborgs Rapé Mini White portion

    Nick & Johnny:
    • Nick & Johnny Original portion
    • Nick & Johnny Black portion

    • Grovsnus loose
    • Grovsnus Original portion
    • Grovsnus Black portion
    • Grovsnus White portion

    • Ettan loose
    • Ettan Original portion
    • Ettan White portion

    Röda Lacket:
    • Röda Lacket loose
    • Röda Lacket White portion
    • Claq Qui by Röda Lacket Original portion

    • Probe loose
    • Probe Original portion

    Tre Ankare:
    • Tre Ankare White portion
    • Tre Ankare Mini White portion

    • Kronan loose
    • Kronan Original portion
    • Kronan White portion

    Onico Tobacco & Nicotine free:
    • Onico White portion
    • Onico Mini White portion
    • Onico Peppermint portion
    • Onico Juniper portion
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    1. Hanske's Avatar
      Hanske -
      Needs some corigation. The General brands are called Sterk and Ekstra Sterk, not Stark and Extra Stark, as the names are in Norwegian. Nick & Johnny black portion is replaced by Nick & Johnny white portion.
    1. LincolnSnuff's Avatar
      LincolnSnuff -
      Link broken.
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      precious007 -
      I wonder why there's not Onyx Los
    1. jagmanss's Avatar
      jagmanss -
      Woner Why the link is not working...
    1. jtricer1973's Avatar
      jtricer1973 -
      Dear Ettan and Roda!!!! How could I live without you!!!! I could live without every other Snus but my Ettan and my Roda!! Los of course!