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  1. FYI - Camel Snus Ingredients Disclosed

    Information published for RJR's Camel Snus

    at R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company | Brand Compounds

    Ingredients for

    • Camel Snus Frost
    • Camel Snus Mellow
    • Camel Snus Robust
    • Camel Snus Winterchill

    • Tobacco Tobacco (in the form of a selected blend of tobacco grades from various growing areas) is used to provide the desired taste requirement for the specific cigarette brand and style.
    • Water Common food item.
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  2. Demand 50g

    The practice of snus companies shrinking the size of the lös tins, is disturbing, and irritating. It's a dishonest trick to make people think they're getting the same amount of snus for less money. Snus isn't the only place this happens, but the (American sales)industry is still small enough that we can do something about it.

    To put the size shrink into perspective, you lose 1 tin per roll for every 5g taken off the cans. If the snus is in a 45g tin, when you buy a roll, you pay for ...
  3. Home-made snus ... an instruction manual

    There are many different reasons why people might like to try making their own snus at home. If their country has restrictions on importing snus, because they want to experiment with flavours, or for sheer cheapness! It is as simple as cooking ... really!

    There are many recipes, including my own, here on SnusOn, and you will find many more on the wider internet. Much of the knowledge I used to get myself started have to be credited to JustinTempler who used to frequent this forum ...

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