1. How are your toenails?

    Toenails may hold clue to lung cancer risk

    Your toenails may hold clues to your risk of developing lung cancer, a new study finds.

    The results show men with high levels of nicotine in their toenails were about 3.5 times more likely to develop lung cancer than those with lower levels of nicotine, regardless of their smoking histories.

    The findings suggest the detrimental effects of smoking may be underestimated in studies that use only ...
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  2. Will You Look At That: Gruesome Smoking Ads Snuffed Out

    Federal Judge Snuffs New York City Rule Requiring Smoking Cessation Signs

    A U.S. judge struck down a New York City health regulation requiring the display of anti-smoking ads featuring “graphic, even gruesome images” wherever cigarettes and other tobacco products are sold.

    The regulation, issued in September 2009, is preempted by a federal law that governs cigarette labeling and advertising, U.S. District Judge Jed Rakoff ruled today.

    “Even merchants ...
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  3. Researcher Claims E-Cigs Safer Than Cigarettes?



    In a new report that bucks the concerns raised by the Food and Drug Administration, a Boston University School of Public Health (BUSPH) researcher concludes that electronic cigarettes are much safer than real cigarettes and show promise in the fight against tobacco-related diseases and death.

    The review, which will be published online ahead of print ...
  4. TSA: "Can't stay home? Here's what ya gotta do.."

    TSA offers tips for airport screening

    l The TSA's new screening techniques are in place at all domestic airports, even if security is handled by a private company instead of the agency.

    l Only passengers who set off a walk-through metal detector or advanced-imaging technology machine, or who opt out of the scanning machine, receive a pat-down.

    l Items that might set off an alarm on the metal detector include: keys; loose change; cellphones; ...
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  5. Frustration with the TSA has reached the boiling point..

    TSA has met the enemy — and they are us

    Frustration with the federal agency is boiling over after nine years

    How did an agency created to protect the public become the target of so much public scorn?

    After nine years of funneling travelers into ever longer lines with orders to have shoes off, sippy cups empty and laptops out for inspection, the most surprising thing about increasingly heated frustration with the federal ...
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