1. Stress and snus.

    Real short post here.
    Just wanted to say that the past couple of weeks have been hell for me. Addictions never really helped anyone, but I took great comfort in my snus horde. Much better than smoking, and better tasting as well.
    The Thunder, the Claq Qui, Tre, and the Onyx have truly been a blessing for me.
    Viva La Snus!
  2. Do your part, convert a smoker today!

    Hey there snusers!

    Smoking is bad. You know it, your mom knows, the government knows it, we all know it. That's why I do my part on a nearly daily basis. Generally, I'm unsuccessful. However, I often get the seed planted.
    These days, more and more people in the US know about snus. Or they think they do. The majority of people think that RJ Reynolds invented snus about 2 years ago. I like to explain the real story, and tell them about the studies that have been done. I tell ...
    Tags: cancer, smokeers
  3. My snus journey.

    My road to snusism, like most has come really only very recently. I started smoking when I was 15. I really didn't smoke hardcore being that it wasn't easy to my hands on them. Once I came of age, I began to smoke like a chimney. Long story short, in 2004, I finally quit smoking cold turkey. No going back. Or so I thought. I started back for whatever reason in 2009. I started buying the gimmicky Camel Crush. On my 3rd pack, the lady behind the counter handed me this thing called snus. It was made ...

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