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We are right at the midway point of April, and as the weather starts to turn to a beautiful spring day. Summer is just around the corner! The only true way of really enjoying this lovely season of the year – is by something cold to drink, sunglasses and a all-around-the-world-favorite – Snus.

In Norway it is not any snus that goes perfectly with this weather. We have two favorite ones that has been used for many years in the Norwegian tradition. Skruf Snus and General Snus.

What most people appreciate about these two snus brands, are that the aroma doesn’t seem artificial like some other snus sometimes do. Especially flavored ones.
The Skruf snus have many different options but the best seller in Norway is Skruf Slim Stark Fresh White. It has a minty flavor and the portions are dry, it is not the strongest snus product on the market but definitely gives you a nice burn and nicotine kick.
If you compare the best seller of General snus – Onyx Black Portion to Skruf Fresh White it is a lot moister and has a strong flavor of tobacco, with a hint of licorice.

It’s sure to say that Norweigans like to mix up their snus products. I do really like that the two favorite ones are so different.

As many other Norwegians do, I also keep two snus products in my jeans pocket at all time – Skruf Slim Stark Fresh White & General Onyx Black.
It truly is the perfect mix, when you want to change up your snus game and experience different aromas.

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