• Google Website Translate Plugin Added

    We have recently added the Google Website Translate plugin to the site.

    To use all you need to do is scroll to the bottom left of the page where you will see a drop down menu called 'Select Language', click the drop down menu and select the language of your choice and then the site will be automatically translated to that language for you. If you want to exit the translator at any time you just need to scroll to the top right of the page and click the 'X' close icon.

    Although not an infallible solution we hope that you will find this enhancment useful and that it will encourage more international vistors to signup and become a part of our ever growing community.

    It's all good in my hood.
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    All things Swedish...

    Wait......stay at home.....have sex....get paid for it.......didn't they used to have a name for that

    Just throw in a video camera and now

    Snusdog Today, 04:19 AM Go to last post

    I'm trying to grow a beard

    Hey my butt doesn't look nearly that bad

    You might want to check out some beard oil. Beard oil is a leave in conditioner that makes the

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    All things Swedish...

    Good Lord....sweden is turning into the usa, liberal-wise. Stay home from work or don't have a job at all and still get paid. While you are home go

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    All things Swedish...

    A Swedish town could give employees paid time off to have sex

    Sweden isn't just good at helping parents care for their babies, as demonstrated by

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    I'm trying to grow a beard

    use the same stuff most men use to fertilize their mustaches.

    works for me....and the wife loves it.

    Premium Parrots Yesterday, 08:34 AM Go to last post

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