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    Northerner.com was founded 1st September in 1998. At first Northerner.com offered just a small selection of typically Scandinavian products, but no Snus. Soon the founder started getting messages from different customers, asking why he didn't sell Snus. So in 1999 he added Snus to the growing selection on Northerner.com. He had no idea that Snus was going to be such a success.

    Back in 1998 the founder packed all orders at the kitchen table in his one room student flat and walked 15 minutes one way to the local post office with all orders stuffed in a backpack. Then waiting in a long que having all orders individually taken care of by the cashier at the local post office. Things look different now and the company operation depend on all employees.

    Our Vision and Values

    At Northerner.com, we enrich the experience of life, in our own way, by responsibly collecting all smokeless brands we can find in the world and distribute them through Northerner.com. Although we are working with tobacco products we will never sell cigarettes which is regarded to be hazardous to health. Instead we are working to reach out to people who are looking for a better tobacco alternative than smoking cigarettes.

    Our vision is foremost to be the largest website on the internet for smokeless tobacco and in order to accomplish that vision, we focus on five strategic imperatives that drive our actions.

    - Building Strong Customer Satisfaction (which is our most important priority)

    - Building Strong Long Lasting Relationship with Suppliers

    - Developing and Engaging Exceptional People in The Company

    - Being Responsible in Everything We Do

    - Allocating Resources Superbly to Enable Growth

    Our values - integrity, respect, trust, teamwork, and to always try harder - remain real and relevant today, guiding us in the conduct of our day-to-day business.

    If you for some reason are not satisfied with our work, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will try harder to to meet your highest expectations.

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    Snus in Thailand

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    This is a very correct statement. Sometimes something you don't like in the beginning may become a favorite in subsequent years.

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    Hellooooooo to you, as well!

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    Ban Pluak

    Snus in Thailand

    Firstly my apologies if this is in the wrong forum, but I saw that it included laws and customs so thought I would try here. Admins please feel free to

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