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  1. Los at Work Challenge

    Today I took a can of los to work to tempt fate and challenge myself to do what I have not yet successfully done....

    Los at work without getting busted.

    So, how did I do? What los did I take? Was there a mess?

    First, the snus. Knowing I was attempting to be stealthy one might assume I took a Phantom product which can support the weight of three elephants when molded into a pris*. If not a Phantom product, then definitely another offering from v2. ...
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  2. Very pleased (private messages)

    I'd been doggedly saving all my old PMs, saving just enough to keep my "sent items" and inbox from overflowing. I'd save old PMs as Web pages (there may have been an easier way with the old site, but I didn't find it). It was slow, tedious, and kind of irritating, but hey, I'm an archivist at heart (so be warned ;^)). Today I log in to the new, lovely, redesigned SnusOn, and I see three gorgeous links: save your messages at text, or csv, or xml. Hooray! I clicked them all :^) Then ...
  3. The real time story of the conversion of a smoker.

    I will start off by saying I too am a recent snus convert, and I am the type of person that likes to share new things with those around me. I am working on converting my friend Bruce (Tex) from being a smoker to becoming a snuser.

    To begin the conversion I posted in my forum (gaming clan kinda) about my new snus adventure, gave some info on snus and gave the link to the Generals website to get free samples. I shared my decision to stop smoking and start snusing hoping ...
  4. A blog

    Yep. Sitting at work, navigating through the new Snus On.
  5. Ettan Snus and Ettan Fooballs , Ettan Month

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