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  1. "Compare Phantom Brown to Ettan" says the Monkey...

    First off, ok, ok, go ahead and say I told you so. Many have posted in threads of mine and others that many newer snus users try a variety of brands and if they thought they were exclusive mint lovers, it would change. In my case I guess I fit into that category. Don't get me wrong, I like having a Jak's Wintergreen on hand and I have yet to be totally out of at least a few portions of General Mint , but the majority of what I have been sampling lately is all pure tobacco types. My last post detailed ...
  2. Ode to Oden's

    So based upon the meaningless poll I posted a few days back Oden's Original was one of the types I brought on my trip to Cincinnati to visit family. At the suggestion of GN, I also brought my can of Oden's Dry White 69 portion as well since it may "keep" better being a dry portion.
    Now I know to some degree what everyone has been raving about

    Now I am only a few portions into each but boy these are significantly different from any snus I have tried thus far. First ...
  3. The good, the average, and the forgetful...

    So it has been a while since I have updated this blog. A few new types were evaluated some time ago but what I have learned is that if it doesn't really do anything for me, I don't really have the urge to write about it. The three new types were Grov Portions, General Original Portion, and Skruf Original. Lets start with the best, Grov.

    I like this one, nice even tobacco notes with a mild earthy leathery profile that doesn't get real bitter. It doesn't have any outstanding taste ...
  4. Jakobsson's has me seeing green

    So I am going to try out Monkey's recommendation and organize the snus I have tried based upon the taste category so to speak and in preference order within the category. If anyone has any suggestions on different/additional categories let me know...dont want to miss something I have yet to try

    Now why am I seeing green? Well once again I was surprised by a snus. I ordered a few cans from premiumsnus a week or so back, one of which was Jak's Wintergreen. I have said before, wintergreen ...
  5. Apology and Snus Brand Loyalty

    I am sorry snuson.

    Let me tell the tale of woe.....and how weird I can be.

    I am a pretty loyal follower.

    You make a snus I like and I will buy it.

    You stop making a snus I like, I will find another.

    Well kids, (and I mean adults the proper age to view tobacco related musings when I say kids) I have found my new regular.

    Odens los.

    I was hesitant....any unwilling to accept the new Odens. I did ...
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