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  1. Become a Millionaire By Stopping Smoking

    [COLOR=#333333][FONT=Arial]I'd like to write this post especially for the members of the forum that are still smoking (has nothing to do with snusing) which is a whole different concept than smoking, a habit that is not only harmless but not as expensive as smoking.

    This article along should somehow motivate anyone that hasn't given up smoking just yet.

    So you want to be a millionaire? If you smoke or are thinking about it I will give you at least $1 million reasons not ...
  2. Jakobsson's Strong Melon

    This is an interesting snus, and quite unlike any I've had before. The scent is strong, easily escaping the sealed tin. Opening the tin, the first scent is watermelon(surprise!), but sticking my nose inside, and breathing deep brings up the scent of sour apple. I guess it's still watermelon, but sour apple is what immediately comes to mind. Weird...

    As is typical for Jakobssons, the portions are plump, with a good moisture content. First thought when putting the portion in my mouth ...
  3. Roda Lacket Portion Review -WolfenJack's Reviews

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Name:	roda_lacket_white_portion_24gr.jpg 
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ID:	2254I spend about a week reading reviews of various snus products before I finally settle on which ones I will order. This usually involves editing my shopping cart a few times before finally hitting the submit button and entering the land of no return. I often kick myself after my order arrives and wishing I had selected differently. It's futile really, but that's the way it always seems to go down.

    Needless to say, I read a lot of reviews before ordering ...
  4. Ettan OP Review

    I tried Ettan OP for the first time last week. Upon opening the can, I noticed a smell that echoed the scent of a fine cigar. The portions were neither too damp nor too dry but just right. I popped one in and much like a white portion, at first I tasted almost nothing. The portion material was soft and appears to be the same that Swedish Match uses for it's General line. The taste came on within about 5 minutes. The flavor was pure tobacco with a hint of salt. Again, the flavor was that of a fine ...
  5. WolfenJack's Reviews

    After trying about 18 varieties of snus in the past 8 weeks, I am ready to start sharing my reviews. Check back soon to see what I think about some of the most popular brands of snus available.
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