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  1. First order from MrSnuff & SnusCentral


    I have just placed a decent sized order with both MrSnuff and SnusCentral.

    Excited to try all this new snus and snuff!!


    1 x Toque Coke 25g (TOQ038) = $5.54
    2 x Toque USA Spearmint 10g (TOQ132) = $5.54
    1 x Toque Vanilla 25g (TOQ105) = $5.54
    1 x Toque Almond Toast 10g (TOQ114) = $2.77
    1 x Toque Quit 25g (TOQ078) = $5.54
    1 x Wilsons Cola 25g (WILS486) = $3.88
    1 x 6 Photo Assorted 8g (6PH070) = $7.99 ...
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  2. Toque Silver Dollar Spearmint Snuff: Review

    So I decided to try some snuff! (AND I LOVE IT!) (Northerner Order)

    NOTE: This is my first experience with snuff, YMMV.

    Toque Silver Dollar Spearmint Intro:

    Silver Dollar Snuff is the American version of the Toque brand. They come in many aromas. Often recommended for beginners.

    Absolutely lovely spearmint aroma. Slight tingle for the first 15 seconds or so. Aroma is not too strong and goes away after about a minute. Then you can ...
  3. Nordic Ice Wintergreen / Wild Cherry: Review

    Well well well. American Snus it is! (Northerner Order)

    Nordic Ice Intro:

    Nordic Ice is an American snus brand that uses 100% imported tobacco. It's manufactured by Cheyenne International in Grover, NC.

    Nordic American Smokeless, Inc., Danbury, Conn. (203-207-9975), is debuting several new lines of U.S.-made snus utilizing the Swedish process. Nordic Ice is a traditional Swedish snus, featuring smaller sized pouches and a drier formulation. Presented in a printed,
  4. Snus Hacks#1 - Northerner

    Hey guys!

    We just started doing "snus hacks" videos. Why throw away a snus can, when you can use it for something else? If you have any ideas if your own, please share.

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  5. New Here & To Snus! - An Introduction


    Just figured I would introduce my self and say Hi!

    As an intro to my nicotine history I smoke cigarettes and cigars as well as occasional vaping. (Can't get enough nicotine!)

    I'm just getting into Snus and have tried Camel Winterchill / Mint & General Wintergreen / White.

    I started out with the Camel as it was the easiest to obtain and was in wintergreen which I absolutely love. (The wintergreen flavor is great and strong with Camel!) ...

    Updated 06-15-2017 at 07:09 PM by N1THC

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