1. Box Pass From Hell: 2011. It's back!

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    If we don't get another name today I'm sending it out tomorrow with 9 names. No worries.
    Need addresses for Snus Boost, jtwh20, and c.nash.
  2. Full report on the trip to Sweden and visit with Swedish Match! 31 May 2010.

    Prepare yourself, because this is going to be quite an article! Sit down, grab a tin of your favorite snus and a beverage, and I'll tell you about my recent trip to Sweden. To be honest, i've been looking forward to this day for a while. It's not every day that I get the opportunity to go to Sweden and visit with the snusmakers themselves, the very people who helped me quit smoking, ...
  3. Arkansas Drivers.

    People in Arkansas can't drive. Period.

    Maybe it's the fact that I'm used to California (where I visit often) and everyone has one speed - fast. It's great.

    Here, I pass people in the fast lane by jumping in the slow lane and I'm only doing 75 most of the time.

    I think eventually I'm going to start teaching drivers ed. At least then I could impact the next generation, because the current just isn't cutting it.
  4. Ah, Cartoons these days.

    Cartoons have changed so much since I was a kid.

    They used to be about mindless fun, watch and enjoy - you're not learning anything, but dammit! You're having a good time. Like the Ghostbusters cartoon. I wasn't trying to learn how to trap ghosts, I just wanted to relax and let me brain chill.

    Cartoons ...
  5. A double post: TV Shows//Lost is almost over! [now what?]

    Okay, so Lost is almost over, and I'm kinda bummed about that. Lost is my favorite show, that's no lie. And it's quite possibly the best show of all time, so what do I do now? It's interesting that when I go to Google and type in "shows like Lost...." it always comes up with "shows like lost and heroes", which is interesting, because Heroes and Lost are my top 2. So far, some shows I've found interesting...

    Quite possibly the greatest show of all ...
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